Sell my iPhone 4s: What You Should Know and Do When Selling Your iPhone 4s

Is it a good idea to sell my iPhone 4s? This is a question that you might ask when contemplating selling a used iPhone 4s. iPhone 4s is among the most revolutionary devices that this company has ever developed and created. This phone has several features that enable users to maximize its utilization. These features make the device more advanced as compared to the other mobile phones in the market. Such features include an innovative camera design and Siri.

Innovative iPhone

Siri is currently the most revolutionary and the major exclusive feature of this device. It combines processing for natural language, artificial intelligence and the iPhone power. Siri is basically the virtual assistant that every owner can easily interact with and talk to when it comes to controlling the iPhone. It helps in setting up the alarm clock, reading messages, taking notes as well as setting appointments. The back camera makes this device more incredible when it comes to recording videos and taking photos due to its bigger sensor that captures up to 8 million pixels. Nevertheless, if you have been holding on to this device, it might be the right time to let go. Apple has released the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with more innovative features.

Selling iPhone 4s

Perhaps, you would like to know the price at which you can sell your iPhone 4s. The price of a used iPhone 4s is determined by several factors. For the capacity, carrier, color as well as the condition of the device will determine the price. The trending market price will also influence the price at which you can sell this device. Additionally, if you include extras like cables, carrying cases and chargers, the price of your iPhone can be a little higher. There are also different ways of selling a used iPhone 4s. However, the most important thing is how you present your device to prospective buyers. To attract more prospects, make sure that you upload the latest photos of your device and a good description. Let prospects know why they should choose your iPhone 4s and not those of other sellers.

Prepare your iPhone 4s before you sell it

The most important thing that you should do when preparing your iPhone 4s for sale is to delete your personal data. Make sure that you have backed up all the data in the phone then delete it. Sign out of email account and iCloud. Simply navigate to iCloud then Sign Out and Delete. Move to settings then general settings and Reset the device, Erase the settings and content of your device.

Unlock your iPhone 4s

Unlocking your iPhone 4s will increase the price at which you sell it and make more people interested in buying it. Therefore, get in touch with your cell service provider. Provide the IMEI number of your device. You will receive an unlock code from the service provider. Use this code to unlock your device.

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